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Project One | Kicukiro, Rwanda
This project is part of an extraordinary initiative with the Rwandan government to achieve full water coverage in the district of Kicukiro.​  This project is so important because Over 80% of the diseases afficting Rwandans are waterborne and many children under the age of 5 are dying from these preventable illnesses.
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Water Projects
How We Give Water

Ten for 10 | Water for Africa works with partners on the ground, governments and communities to fund and implement lasting water solutions. We believe in comprehensive projects that give access to clean water, install safe latrines, provide sanitation education and are monitored for at least 10 years.  

Currently we're concentrating our efforts in Rwanda to help create 100% water coverage in Rulindo and Kicukiro. And we're on track to help make that happen by 2018. Everyone is in on this initiative: The Government, the People, our Water Partners and of course Ten for 10 I Water for Africa. Are you in?
Project Two |  Ichuni Girls Boarding School - Keroka, Kenya
Rain Barrel System - On March 22nd, 2010, Ten for 10: Water for Africa celebrated World Water Day by provided a Rain Barrel System for Ichuni Girls Boarding School in Keroka, Kenya. This project was completed in April of 2010 and is currently improving the health and quality of life for approximately 330 girls!​
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Project Three | Rulindo, Rwanda
In March of 2010 Ten for 10 | Water for Africa signed on as a partner in a comprehensive Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene Promotion Program that will take root in Rulindo, Rwanda.​  People in the Rulindo region of Rwanda are at very high risk of contracting major infectious diseases such as bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. These are food and waterborne diseases and are PREVENTABLE. The primary way to prevent these diseases is by increasing access to clean water.
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Kicukiro, Rwanda Project

Ichuni Girls Boarding School Keroka, Kenya
Photo Credit: Grow Mission
Rulindo, Rwanda

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