Frequently Asked Questions


How can I donate to Ten For 10?

Donations to Ten For10 | Water for Africa can be made in three ways. A donation can be made online either as a single donation, a monthly $10 donation for 10 months donation, or the donation can be mailed in (click here for our address)! You may also donate your time at one of our #WaterWarrior events or donate a gift for charitable auctions! Just drop us a line and we'll be sure to get back to you!


What kind of giving options are available?

The current giving options we have are: 

  1. A single online donation
  2. An online monthly donation of $10 where we will auto draft your account for 10 months. This is our "Ten For 10" campaign
  3. A donation of any amount can be mailed into our offices


Where does my donation go? 

Your donation goes to creating new water systems, implementing sanitation education, and installing reliable restrooms. Once the water systems and restrooms are installed by our partners on the ground, we help train the local people to maintain and repair the water system. Sanitation education is provided to teach how hand washing can prevent water related illnesses and stop the spread of disease. From here, water flows and access to clean and safe water is improved! 


Is my donation tax deductable?

Yes! Your donation is tax deductible because Ten For 10 is a 501(c)(3) organization. 


How do I cancel my monthly donation?

Please contact us at to learn more about canceling your monthly donation. 


Why should I donate to help solve the world water crisis?

Your donation of just $10 can greatly improve the lives of communities across the globe. Every $1 invested into water yields and $8 economic return. In addition, 663M people live without access to clean and safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet, which is more than those who have access to a cell phone (Source:

By making a donation to Ten For 10, you can feel good about giving clean water, reliable restrooms, and sanitation & hygiene education. Your dollars allow more children to go to school, more women to make an impact in their community, and greater access to improved health and less death due to water-related diseases. 


When is your next event?

Our next event is on September 14, 2017 where we will be participating in North Texas Giving Day 2017! Join us  online to be apart of one of the largest days of online giving in North Texas! You can find a complete list of all our events and details on our Events page!


How can I get involved?

You can get involved in three different ways!

  1. Volunteer remotely or at one of our events
  2. Donate money to help water flow (either a one time donation or a monthly gift)
  3. Spread the word! Connect with us on social or share our events with friends and family.