North Texas Giving Day 2013

An Open Letter to our Volunteers, Supporters, Board Members & Advisory Board Members:

Ten for 10 | Water for Africa has the most incredible donors, volunteers & supporters anyone could ask for. No doubt about it. Together, we've created a truly impactful organization that changes lives, increases good health, allows for greater education, builds people up & gives clean water. I can imagine nothing greater we could do. So thank you for every dollar you've given and every minute you've spent with us.

Tomorrow we have a chance to once again do something incredible: Increase our giving power, our investment of time & our ability to give clean water. Because tomorrow, September 19th, is North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) in Dallas, TX!

NTGD is one-day where all donations of $25 or more made through the DonorBridge website are bonused by a portion of $1.5M in matching funds, increasing giving power and allowing us the chance to raise some phenomenal money for clean water projects in Rwanda.

I'm excited and nervous...and hope our donors show up like we think they will. 

Let's do this Water Warrior Nation! 7AM tomorrow morning we saddle up and ride! We hope to see you then.

With warm thanks,

Sheryl Coyne-Batson