Water & Freedom

Every year the 4th of July brings freedom to the forefront of everyone’s mind. But what does freedom really mean and how do you get it? It could be argued that freedom means being able to “be you” without outside constraints, being free to worship as you see fit or feeling safe in your own home.  

I would contend that freedom means more than that. It means not having to walk 4 hours a day for water, being able to send your kids to school, having the ability to grow food for your family & knowing that the water you and your kids consume isn’t going to make you sick. Most of us tend to be on auto-pilot when it comes to expecting these comforts and tend to take our incredible access to clean water for granted. But what if we didn’t have this freedom…

While HUGE strides have been made in regard to increased access to clean water and safe sanitation in Rwanda, there is still work to do. According to UNICEF, 25% of Rwandans still don’t have access to clean water and 26% don’t have access to safe sanitation. And rural communities feel this more than anyone. (You can read more here.)

On average, it takes about $30 to give someone in Rwanda access to clean water, safe sanitation and sanitation education. Not only that, but every dollar invested in water has a multiplied economic effect of 8xs. (Source: WHO) Every dollar you donate helps provide clean water in Rwanda and gives a bit more freedom, particularly to women and children. 

Freedom is always on my mind and here’s why: Water = Freedom. That may sound strange to most people but when you break it down, you see how every drop of water we consume each day provides us with the ability to operate more freely. Please consider DONATING to give not only clean water, but to spread more freedom! 


Thank you for being Water, and Freedom, Warriors with us!