A Day Without Water

Imagine getting up tomorrow and going to the kitchen sink for a glass of water...only nothing comes out. You shuffle to the bathroom sink thinking, "There must be something wrong with the faucet," but no water is flowing there either. After trying all of the taps in your home, you realize YOU DON'T HAVE WATER! What would you do? Call the water company?! You don't have a water company.  Go to the store? Stores don't carry clean water.

But you have to shower. You have to go to work. By 5pm your toilet is backed up and creating a health hazard for your family, no one has showered, you have dirty dishes in the sink that are attracting bugs and 5 loads of laundry are waiting to be done. Oh and you haven't gone to work yet because you've had to walk to the local lake for water. You've boiled it but still aren't sure it's safe to use. What would you do? Would you drink it? You would if that's all you had...and that's exactly the situation many Rwandans are in. 

Study after study shows that access to clean water increases health, provides better sanitation & allows kids to go to school instead of spending 1/2 their day collecting water. Water is such a primary need that everything you do depends on it.

Those of us who have, and have always had, easy access to water can't fathom what it's like to go without. But that's exactly what 1 in 6 people face EVERY day. On average, women and children spend 4 hours a day collecting water to clean, bathe, drink, cook and grow food. Many times from contaminated streams and water sources.

With YOUR help we're changing that! Due to your generosity, clean water, better restroom facilities and education as to why hand washing can prevent the spread of disease is happening in communities throughout Rwanda. Thank you for helping us give the gift that truly keeps on giving: WATER.

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