Why Water?


Why should you invest in H2O

Water is incredible. Everything that is produced on the planet requires some amount of water, whether it's the food on your plate, the shoes on your feet, or the car that you drive to and from work everyday. We have water so accessible to us in the United States, but some are not as fortunate.

In Rwanda, women and children are required to walk miles and miles each day just to bring back a canister of water to their communities. With help from organizations such as Ten For 10 | Water For Africa and our partner Water For People, water systems are able to be installed within the village and sanitation education is taught and implemented. 


Here are the Facts:

  • 663 million people live without clean water (Source: WHO)
  • Clean water will prevent up to 1.4 millions child deaths per year (Source: UNICEF)
  • Nearly 75% of all water collection is done by women in Sub-Saharan Africa (Source: UN)